Yatharth Hospital Share Price Shows Resilience After Dismal Listing: Expert Advice.

Yatharth Hospital, a Noida-based healthcare provider, recently made its stock market debut with a disappointing listing. However, despite the initial setback, the share price managed to gain momentum, with stock market experts attributing this to the company's strong fundamentals and the current market sentiment. In this article, we will analyze the reasons behind the lackluster listing and provide expert advice on whether to buy, sell, or hold Yatharth Hospital shares.

Yatharth Hospital Share Price

Reasons for Dismal listing:

The dismal listing of Yatharth Hospital shares was a result of the ongoing volatility in the secondary market. The IPO had received a strong subscription rate, indicating high demand for the company's shares. However, when the stock was listed on the stock exchanges at ₹306 per share, it represented only a 2% premium over the upper end of the price band of ₹300. This lack of significant premium disappointed investors, leading to a muted response from the market.

Expert Recommendations:

1. Hold for Long-Term Investors:

Despite the weak listing, stock market experts believe that Yatharth Hospital's strong fundamentals make it an attractive long-term investment. Investors with a long-term view are advised to hold onto the stock for potential gains. The near-term target for the stock is projected to be around ₹380 apiece levels. Those who are confident in the company's growth prospects and are willing to wait are likely to see a positive return on their investment.

2. Exit for Listing Gains Seekers:

Investors who had applied for Yatharth Hospital shares with the sole purpose of gaining from the listing momentum are advised to consider exiting the stock at current levels. The share price has already surged nearly 10% higher than the upper price band of the IPO, indicating a quick appreciation. For short-term investors seeking immediate profits, booking gains at this stage could be a prudent decision.

3. Fresh Entry at Opportune Levels:

For investors who missed out on the initial allotment but are still interested in the company, stock market experts suggest waiting for the share price to fall to around ₹315 apiece levels. A fresh entry at this price point provides a better risk-reward ratio, with a near-term target of ₹380 apiece levels. However, it's essential to maintain a stop loss at ₹300 apiece levels to protect against potential losses.


Yatharth Hospital's shares experienced a disappointing listing due to the prevailing market volatility. Nevertheless, the company's strong fundamentals and positive growth outlook have attracted investor interest, leading to subsequent price gains. Long-term investors are encouraged to hold onto the stock, while those looking for quick gains may consider exiting at current levels. For potential investors, a fresh entry around ₹315 apiece levels could present an opportune moment to capitalize on the stock's potential upside.

Please note that investing in the stock market involves risks, and it is always advisable to do thorough research or seek professional financial advice before making any investment decisions.

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