High Volume Dividend Stocks: PowerGrid Corporation, Westlife Foodworld Among 7 Stocks.


Today, August 8, a total of seven high-volume dividend stocks are set to trade ex-dividend. Investors are keeping a close eye on these stocks as they prepare to adjust their prices to account for the upcoming dividend payouts. The ex-dividend date is a significant event for shareholders, as it determines their eligibility to receive dividend payments.

High Volume Dividend Stocks

High Volume Dividend Stocks

Among the prominent companies in focus today are PowerGrid Corporation of India Ltd, Castrol India Ltd, and Westlife Foodworld Ltd, along with four others. The ex-dividend date marks the moment when the stock no longer includes the value of its next dividend payment.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, the ex-dividend date is crucial for investors. It signifies the date on which a stock starts trading without the right to the next dividend payment. Shareholders must own the stock before the ex-dividend date to receive the dividend. If they purchase the stock on or after the ex-dividend date, they won't be eligible for the upcoming dividend payout.

Here's a comprehensive list of the dividend stocks that are trading ex-dividend today:

  1. Archit Organosys Ltd
  2. Castrol India Ltd
  3. PowerGrid Corporation of India Ltd
  4. Shalby Ltd
  5. Sterlite Technologies Ltd
  6. Taneja Aerospace & Aviation Ltd
  7. Westlife Foodworld Ltd

Now, let's take a closer look at some of these companies and the dividends they are offering:

1. PowerGrid Corporation of India Ltd:
This state-run company has announced a final dividend of ₹4.75 per share. As of today, August 8, the stock will trade ex-dividend. This means investors who own the stock on or before this date will be eligible to receive the dividend payment.

2. Castrol India Ltd:
The company has declared an interim dividend of ₹3.00 per share. The ex-dividend date is today, and it also serves as the record date for the dividend. Investors must possess the stock before or on August 8 to receive the dividend.

3. Westlife Foodworld Ltd:
Known as the operator of McDonald's restaurants in West and South India, Westlife Foodworld Ltd has announced an interim dividend of ₹3.45 per equity share. The stock will trade ex-dividend today, making it an important date for shareholders seeking to receive dividends.

4. Archit Organosys Ltd:
This company is turning ex-dividend today. It has declared a final dividend of ₹0.50 per share. Investors must act quickly if they want to benefit from this dividend payout.

5. Shalby Ltd:
Shalby Ltd will also trade ex-dividend today. The company has declared a final dividend of ₹1.20 per share. Shareholders should take note of this date to secure their dividend payments.

6. Taneja Aerospace & Aviation Ltd:
This company has declared an interim dividend of ₹2.50 per equity share. It turns ex-dividend today, and investors should ensure they have ownership of the stock by this date.

These high-volume dividend stocks have attracted considerable attention from investors due to their dividend offerings. Dividend stocks are favored by many investors for their potential to generate a steady stream of income. As these companies continue to perform well, their shareholders can reap the rewards of their financial success through regular dividend payouts.

Investors should carefully consider their investment strategies and consult with financial advisors before making any decisions. The ex-dividend date is a critical factor to consider when investing in dividend stocks. Owning the stock before the ex-dividend date is essential to be eligible for the upcoming dividend payment.

As always, prudent investing and staying informed about market movements are key to making sound financial decisions. Keep an eye on these high-volume dividend stocks as they trade ex-dividend today, and position yourself wisely to take advantage of potential dividend returns. Happy investing!

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