Top 5 Penny Stocks That Hit Upper Circuit on July 14, 2023 - A Detailed Analysis.


On July 14, 2023, as BSE Sensex closed the week with a gain of 502.01 points at 66,060 and NSE Nifty surged 150 points to 19,564, five penny stocks stood out by hitting the upper circuit limit in trade. These stocks are Rathi Steel & Power Limited, Minolta Finance Limited, Mipco Seamless Rings Gujarat Limited, Veeram Securities Limited, and Gayatri Projects Limited. Let's delve into the details of these penny stocks:

Penny Stocks

1. Rathi Steel & Power Limited:

Rathi Steel & Power Limited saw a gain of 4.94% with a last trading price of Rs 5.10 per share. Since July 10, 2023, the stock has consistently hit upper circuits, reaching a new 52-week high. In just one week, Rathi Steel & Power shares have gained 28%, offering an impressive return of 143% over the past three years.

2. Minolta Finance Limited:

Minolta Finance Limited also hit the upper circuit during Friday's trade. The stock closed at Rs 8.72 per share on BSE, with an intraday gain of 4.93%. Investors in Minolta Finance have enjoyed significant returns, with the stock providing a return of 167% in the past year, 597% over the past two years, and a whopping 2080% over the past five years.

3. Mipco Seamless Rings Gujarat Limited:

With a last trading price of Rs 9.79 per share on BSE and an intraday rally of 4.93%, Mipco Seamless Rings Gujarat Limited also hit the upper circuit on July 14. Investors in this stock have witnessed a return of 57% in the past year.

4. Veeram Securities Limited:

Veeram Securities Limited closed at Rs 9.47 per share, recording a gain of 4.64% during the day. However, the stock has experienced a decline of 34% year-to-date and a fall of 52% in the past year. On the positive side, Veeram Securities shares have soared 57% over the past two years.

5. Gayatri Projects Limited:

Gayatri Projects Limited closed at Rs 6.62 per share, registering an intraday gain of 4.91% after hitting the upper circuit on July 14, 2023. Over the past two weeks, the stock has provided a return of 13%, and in the past month, it has offered a return of 8%. However, Gayatri Projects has experienced a decline of 56% in the past year and a significant fall of 83% over the past two years.


The penny stocks mentioned hit the upper circuit on July 14, 2023. The author of this article is not liable for any losses resulting from investment decisions made based on this information. Trading advises users to consult certified experts before making any investment decisions.

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