Small Cap Stock Surges 151% in 6 Months: Bonus Issue Recommended


Indo Us Bio-Tech, a small cap stock in the agriculture sector, has recently announced a bonus share recommendation of 1:1. This means that shareholders will receive one bonus share for every share held as of the record date. The stock has experienced a remarkable surge of 345% in the past year, making it an attractive investment option. Currently trading at Rs 354.00 per share on the BSE, Indo Us Bio-Tech has caught the attention of investors. Here are more details about the company and its recent announcement.

Small Cap Stock Surges 151 Percent in 6 Months Bonus Issue Recommended

Indo Us Bio-Tech Announces Bonus Share

In a filing with the BSE on July 7, 2023, Indo Us Bio-Tech made an official announcement regarding its bonus share recommendation. According to the filing, the company's Board recommended a bonus issue of equity shares in the ratio of 1:1. This means that for every existing equity share of Rs 10/- each held by shareholders, they will be eligible to receive one additional equity share of the same value. This move aims to reward the company's loyal shareholders and provide them with added value.

Indo Us Bio-Tech Stock Outlook & Returns Over the Years

Currently priced at Rs 354.00 per share, Indo Us Bio-Tech's stock has shown marginal intraday gains of 0.30%. The stock has witnessed a 52-week high of Rs 369.95 per share and a 52-week low of Rs 65.10 per share. With a market capitalization of Rs 354.92 crore, the company has captured the interest of investors with its promising returns. Over the past few years, Indo Us Bio-Tech shares have delivered remarkable returns, including a 137% return year-to-date, a 345% return over the last year, a 578% return over the last two years, and an impressive 761% return over the last three years. In a span of five years, the stock has soared by 913%, showcasing its growth potential.

About Indo Us Bio-Tech

Indo Us Bio-Tech is actively involved in various aspects of the agricultural sector, including crop research and development, breeding, seed production, processing, and marketing. The company specializes in the production of high-performing hybrid and open pollinated varieties of agricultural crops, along with offering services such as seed testing, soil and water testing. Their official website highlights their engagement in multi-disciplinary crop improvement research programs, emphasizing their commitment to innovation and development.


It's important to note that the mention of Indo Us Bio-Tech and its bonus issue is not a recommendation to buy, sell, or hold the stock. This article does not provide any fundamental or technical analysis, and the author and Greynium Information Technologies take no responsibility for any losses incurred. It is always advisable to consult a professional advisor before making any investment decisions.

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