Small Cap Metal Stock Sarthak Metals: Dividend Record Date Announced, Shares Surge 4.99%.


Sarthak Metals Ltd., a small-cap metal sector company with a market capitalization of Rs 350.18 Crore, recently held a board meeting on July 6, 2023. During the meeting, the Board of Directors announced the record date for the payment of dividends. This development has generated positive investor sentiment, leading to a 4.99% rally in the company's shares.

Small Cap Metal Stock Sarthak Metals

Dividend Record Date and Annual General Meeting:

The Board of Directors of Sarthak Metals Ltd. has approved August 9, 2023, as the record date for the payment of dividends. This information was shared by the company in an official filing with the stock exchange. Furthermore, the board also announced that the 28th Annual General Meeting of the company is scheduled to be held on Monday, August 21, 2023.

Stock Movement:

Following the announcement, Sarthak Metals' shares experienced a surge in value, hitting the upper circuit at Rs 255.80 apiece on the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange). The stock ultimately closed at the same price, marking a 4.99% increase. It is worth noting that the stock's 52-week high stands at Rs 255.80 apiece, while the 52-week low is Rs 96.10 apiece. Over the past week, the shares have surged by 8.76%. Moreover, in the past month, the stock has witnessed a remarkable increase of 43.95%. Looking at the broader picture, the shares have experienced significant growth over various timeframes, including a jump of 147.87% in the past year, 321.76% in the past two years, and an astounding 1808.96% multibagger return over the past three years. Furthermore, over a five-year period, the stock has generated a solid return of 465.30%.

About Sarthak Metals Ltd.:

Established in 1995, Sarthak Metals Ltd., formerly known as Sarthak Metals Marketing Private Limited, is a subsidiary of the Desraj Bansal Group. The company specializes in the manufacturing of cored wires, aluminum wire rods, and wire feeder machines, which find wide-ranging applications in steel-making processes employed by steel plants, fabrication units, and foundries.


Sarthak Metals Ltd., a small-cap metal company, has recently announced the record date for the payment of dividends. This news has contributed to a surge in the company's stock, with shares rallying by 4.99%. With a strong track record of growth and a diverse range of products catering to the steel industry, Sarthak Metals is well-positioned to continue its upward trajectory in the market. Investors and stakeholders eagerly anticipate the upcoming Annual General Meeting, which will provide further insights into the company's future plans and strategies.

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