Rich Dad Poor Dad Book: Unleashing Financial Wisdom in Telugu.


Welcome to, your go-to destination for insightful content on finance, investing, and wealth creation. In this blog, we are excited to present an exclusive playlist of the Telugu audio book version of the legendary bestseller, "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki. Join us on this journey of financial enlightenment as we delve into the valuable lessons and timeless principles shared in this revolutionary book.

rich dad poor dad telugu audio book

Why "Rich Dad Poor Dad"?

"Rich Dad Poor Dad" has transformed the lives of millions worldwide with its powerful teachings on financial literacy and mindset. Authored by Robert Kiyosaki, this international bestseller challenges conventional thinking about money and introduces readers to the secrets of acquiring wealth. By sharing his personal experiences growing up with two influential father figures, Kiyosaki provides invaluable insights on how to achieve financial independence and build a prosperous future.

Telugu Audio Book Playlist:

To cater to our Telugu-speaking audience, we have curated a comprehensive playlist of the Telugu audio book version of "Rich Dad Poor Dad." Each chapter of the book is beautifully narrated, enabling you to listen and learn at your convenience. We believe that making this knowledge accessible in your native language will enhance your understanding and engagement with the concepts discussed in the book.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about "Rich Dad Poor Dad":

1. What is the main message of "Rich Dad Poor Dad"?

   - "Rich Dad Poor Dad" emphasizes the importance of financial education and the mindset required to achieve wealth. It encourages readers to shift from the mentality of working for money to making money work for them.

2. Who is the author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad"?

   - The book is authored by Robert Kiyosaki, an entrepreneur, investor, and educator known for his expertise in financial literacy and wealth creation.

3. What are some key lessons from the book?

   - Some key lessons include understanding the difference between assets and liabilities, leveraging the power of passive income, the importance of financial intelligence, and cultivating a mindset of financial abundance.

4. Can the principles in "Rich Dad Poor Dad" be applied to any country or culture?

   - Yes, the principles taught in the book are universal and can be applied regardless of geographical location or cultural background.

5. Is "Rich Dad Poor Dad" suitable for beginners?

   - Absolutely! The book is written in a simple and accessible manner, making it suitable for readers at any level of financial knowledge.


At, we are thrilled to present the Telugu audio book version of "Rich Dad Poor Dad" to help you unlock the secrets of financial success. We believe that by embracing the principles shared in this book and taking action, you can embark on a path of financial freedom and create a prosperous future. Stay tuned to our website for more valuable content on finance, trading, and investing. Remember, the journey to wealth begins with knowledge and the right mindset!

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