Unveiling the Spectacular Rise of MRF Stock: Insights from Analysts on this Historic Surge.


MRF, one of India's leading auto tire manufacturers, has made history as the first Indian stock to reach Rs 1 lakh during today's trading session on June 13, 2023. With the current stock price trading at Rs 99,708.15, reflecting a 0.78% increase on an intraday basis, investors and analysts are closely examining the factors behind this remarkable rally. In this article, we delve into the opinions of market experts regarding the recent surge in MRF stock.

Unveiling the Spectacular Rise of MRF Stock: Insights from Analysts on this Historic Surge

Gaurav Bissa's Perspective:

Gaurav Bissa, the VP of InCred Equities, highlights the strong upward momentum witnessed by MRF in recent months, outperforming broader market indices. Bissa notes that the stock is currently forming a bullish flag pattern on the weekly charts, suggesting a continuation of the upward trend. The stock previously broke out and retested the 95,000 levels within a triangle pattern, followed by a period of consolidation. Bissa suggests that a close above 1 lakh will confirm a bullish flag breakout, potentially driving the stock towards the 115,000 levels. Additionally, point and figure charts also indicate an interesting setup, with a bullish 'abc' pattern breakout on the 0.25x3 daily time frame. The cluster target on the point and figure charts aligns with the targets projected by the bullish flag and triangle patterns, supporting a positive outlook for MRF stock.

Insights from A R Ramachandran:

A R Ramachandran, Co-founder & Trainer at Tips2trades, highlights two significant factors behind the surge in MRF stock price. Firstly, a substantial reduction in raw material costs has positively impacted the company's financials. Secondly, there is a currently bullish sentiment prevailing in the market, contributing to the stock's upward movement. Ramachandran emphasizes that 98,932 acts as a strong support level on the daily chart. He suggests that a daily close above the resistance of 1 lakh could potentially propel the stock towards 101,225 in the coming days.


The recent surge in MRF stock has garnered considerable attention from investors and analysts alike. Market experts such as Gaurav Bissa and A R Ramachandran have shared their insights into the factors driving this remarkable rally. While Bissa emphasizes the bullish flag pattern formation and positive indications from point and figure charts, Ramachandran highlights the impact of reduced raw material costs and the prevailing bullish sentiment in the market. As MRF continues to make history with its impressive stock performance, investors will closely monitor its future trajectory.

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