Tomato Prices Forecasted to Soar by over ₹100 per Kilogram: Market Report

According to a recent report by The Hindu, the prices of tomatoes are anticipated to increase by more than ₹100 per kilogram due to a severe shortage in supply. Last week, tomato prices had already risen to over ₹80 per kilogram. The report highlights that a 15-kilogram crate of tomatoes was sold for ₹1,100 at the Kolar wholesale APMC market on Sunday. Consequently, the impact of this scarcity is expected to be felt in the retail market in the near future.

Tomato Prices Forecasted to Soar by over ₹100 per Kilogram

A farmer interviewed by The Hindu shared insights into the escalating tomato prices, attributing it to lower cultivation of the fruit compared to the previous year. Anji Reddy revealed that farmers in Kolar shifted to growing beans this year due to the exorbitant prices of beans in the previous season. However, due to inadequate monsoon and dried-up crops, tomatoes are only expected to account for approximately 30% of the usual yield.

Farmers' diminished interest in tomato cultivation can be traced back to the recent crash in tomato prices experienced last month, which plummeted to ₹3-5 per kilogram. As a consequence, many farmers were compelled to dispose of their produce by driving tractors through the crop.

With the scarcity of tomatoes in Maharashtra, buyers have begun sourcing from West Bengal, Odisha, and even exporting to Bangladesh to fulfill the demand.

In Delhi's Azadpur wholesale market, tomato prices have doubled in the past two days. A tomato trader informed the Economic Times that due to the shortage, they are no longer receiving tomatoes from Uttar Pradesh and Haryana and are now relying on Bengaluru for supply.

Apart from onions and potatoes, the prices of other vegetables have also experienced an upward trend. The cost of beans ranges from ₹120 to ₹140 per kilogram, certain varieties of carrots are inching closer to the ₹100 mark, and capsicum prices have crossed ₹80 per kilogram. In addition to vegetables, egg prices have surged in the range of ₹7 to ₹8 per kilogram.

Potential Price Increase in Hotel Menus

The Bruhat Bengaluru Hotels' Association (BBHA) has stated that an inevitable increase in menu prices is expected if vegetable prices continue to rise.

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