Consider IEL Ltd, a Potential Multi bagger Stock with 8000% Growth in 3 Years due to Stock Split


Discover IEL Ltd, a micro-cap FMCG company, engaged in the trading of chemicals and colorants. Learn about their upcoming stock split and impressive growth of over 8000% in just three years.

IEL Ltd, a micro-cap company operating in the FMCG sector, has recently announced its intention to conduct a stock split. This move comes after the company's remarkable performance, with its stock price surging by over 8000% within a span of three years. In this blog post, we'll delve into the details of IEL Ltd's stock split and explore the factors contributing to its impressive growth.

Consider IEL Ltd, a Potential Multi bagger Stock with 8000% Growth in 3 Years due to Stock Split

IEL Ltd's Stock Split Announcement:

IEL Ltd has scheduled a meeting of its Board of Directors on Friday, July 7th, 2023, to discuss and approve the stock split. As per the regulations of the SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015, the company aims to subdivide its existing Equity Shares of face value INR 10/- each, fully paid up. The final determination of the stock split will be subject to the approval of the shareholders and any other necessary regulatory or statutory approvals.

Financial Performance Overview:

During the March 2023 quarter, IEL Ltd recorded a net income of Rs 1.06 Cr, showcasing significant growth compared to the corresponding quarter in 2022. However, the company's net expenses rose to Rs 1.11 Cr, resulting in a decline in EBIT to Rs (-0.05) Cr during Q4FY23. Consequently, IEL Ltd reported a net loss of Rs -0.04 Cr for Q4FY23, in contrast to a net profit of Rs 0.39 Cr in the same quarter of FY22. The company's EPS for the March 2022 quarter stood at Rs -0.13, down from Rs 1.17 in the previous year.

Impressive Stock Performance:

The shares of IEL Ltd opened today on the BSE at an upper circuit limit of Rs 180, reflecting positive market sentiment. Notably, the stock price has exhibited exceptional growth over the past years, with a multibagger return of 1,712.69% over the past five years. In the last three years alone, the stock price soared by 8,339.61%, starting from Rs 2.07. Moreover, in the course of the past year, the stock witnessed an impressive multibagger return of 185.71%, rising from Rs 63.70. Year-to-date in 2023, the stock has rallied by 79.09%.

52-Week Highs and Lows:

During its peak performance on June 9th, 2023, IEL Ltd's stock reached a 52-week-high of Rs 205.90, showcasing its growth potential. Conversely, its 52-week-low was recorded at Rs 60.70 on June 21st, 2022. These milestones reflect the fluctuating nature of the stock and the potential opportunities it presents to investors.

Promoters Shareholding and Public Stake:

As of Q4FY23, IEL Ltd's promoters held a significant share of 44.97%, indicating their confidence in the company's prospects. The remaining 55.03% stake is held by the public, suggesting a wide investor base and potential for future growth.


IEL Ltd, a micro-cap FMCG company involved in the trading of chemicals and colorants, has announced its plans for a stock split. This decision comes amid the company's remarkable growth, with its stock price surging by over 8000% in just three years. Investors are advised to keep an eye on IEL Ltd's developments and evaluate its potential for future investment opportunities.


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